23 “Gossip Girl” Moments That Are Absolutely Preposterous

The episode was directed by Michael Grossman and written by Sara Goodman. It was aired on January 16, on the CW. This episode continues the fifth season after a winter break. Similar to previous names in the TV series, the title of the episode references a work on literature. The episode starts with a recap of the previous episode, ” Riding in Town Cars with Boys ” and the title sequence. Chuck is shown walking his dog and running in to Louis. He asks how’s Blair’s doing since she lost her baby. Chuck tries to help Louis out of the cold weather and Louis accepts. A flashback of Chuck and Blair arriving at the hospital after their crash shows and Chuck reaches for Blair’s hand but falls limp. Chuck takes Louis back to Blair’s house.

Dan–Blair relationship

Gossip Girl is returning to HBO Max with 10 juicy hour-long episodes , and will even feature the original eponymous narrator , Kristen Bell. The reboot will take place eight years after the final surprising twist ending that revealed the true identity of Gossip Girl, but there are no other details known about the plot, or whether the characters will be linked to the beloved original cast in any way.

Will the new series be as juicy, delicious, and insane as the original? Will it be more appropriate and not involve student-teacher relationships?

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Gossip Girl finally returned tonight and answered fans’ most burning questions: What happened to Chuck Ed Westwick and Blair Leighton Meester after the car crash? Is Blair’s baby OK? If that’s not enough, we have exclusive scoop from executive producer Josh Safran who tells us that a certain love triangle is becoming a love square “in a major way” and reveals whether Dan Penn Badgley and Serena Blake Lively will be giving their romance another shot.

Plus, he dishes on the night’s biggest reveal: the appearance of a much-talked about, but never before seen character We also learn that she is still engaged to Louis and hasn’t spoken to Chuck since the accident. She’s been ignoring Chuck, who is desperate to know why Blair’s pushing him away. Chuck isn’t the only one Blair’s been distant from. She’s barely speaking to Serena and Louis, who is convinced she’s having an affair. Eventually, he and Chuck believe she’s secretly seeing Dan.

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Gossip Girl aired from to , causing the world to become entranced with the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. It’s time for a look back at the iconic show that featured young Blake Lively , Leighton Meester , and Penn Badgley and that had people mesmerized for half a decade. Is Gossip Girl as juicy and entertaining as it was when it first debuted?

How has it aged in the modern era?

moment in the writers’ heads, but once your brain starts doing backwards Remember the very first time Dan and Blair shared a scene.

It has been 12 years as the first episode of Gossip Girl went on air! And almost 7 years ago we said goodbye to this superb show with a luxuriant atmosphere and our favorite characters Serena van der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey, Nate Archibald, and others. So get yourself comfortable and get ready to find out how the lives of the actors of Gossip Girl have changed, for better or worse, since it ended!

Who did Leighton Meester date from the cast of Gossip Girl? Who married an O. And who dated Zoe Kravitz? While Nate Archibald often swung big on the show, his real-life alter ego Chace Crawford has a far more controlled personality. Chace gained a lot of attention due to his hot Instagram photos and film shoots. However, according to Us Weekly, the couple has quietly split up after three years of dating. The actor implied that he was back on the market while discussing his relationship status in an interview with the tabloid.

Following a period as quiet as when Dan was around Serena in the early days of GG, Badgeley has picked up work again in the film Cymbeline.

Inside Gossip Girl stars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively’s real life love story

Blair and Dan begin the series as strangers before becoming enemies, but eventually develop friendship. Unlike most of the friendships on the show, their friendship is based on a mutual interest in culture; including literature, movies, and art. In season five , they enter into a short-lived relationship which ends as Blair ultimately chooses to be with Chuck.

By the end of the series, they are no longer friends. However, they manage to reconcile by the five years flash-forward. Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf do not have a friendship or romantic relationship in the Gossip Girl novels , although some tension is portrayed.

Blair eventually takes notice of Dan Humphrey when he starts dating Serena, as much as she tries to convince Serena that he’s not good.

Gossip Girl may have aired its final episode in , but its characters are never far from our minds. After all, you can revisit the Upper East Siders anytime you want courtesy of Netflix, and binge on their schemes and shenanigans with just the click of a button. One reason Gossip Girl was so successful was that its characters made a serious impact on viewers. While their wardrobes and lifestyles were more fantasy than reality for most of us, there was something about Blair, Chuck, Serena, Dan, Nate, Jenny, and the rest that we just couldn’t get enough of.

We felt like we knew them, and we rooted for them from episode one to the double wedding in the finale. Serena and Dan split up just two years after their wedding when Serena discovered Dan’s alternate Twitter account where he did nothing but subtweet her in a very obvious manner. She went to stay with Lily for a few weeks, then decided to move to Los Angeles and start a green juice company.

She’s moved on to matcha and created a lifestyle brand about being effortlessly beautiful and totally embracing the L. After his divorce from Serena, Dan moved back to Brooklyn to live with Rufus while writing his next book, a thinly-veiled autobiographical novel about being married to the golden girl of the Upper East Side — AKA the same book and story Dan’s been writing his whole life. With Serena gone, he was lost. What would he write about now? Who would he devote his life to? Who would he practice his negging and mansplaining on?

Ranking the romances of Gossip Girl from best to worst

It’s funny how, when it comes to a TV show you love, it doesn’t matter how many times you rewatch it, you always manage to notice something new. Case in point? There, I said it.

Chuck’s date and Blair’s date are mother and son? Dan thinks he has a baby with Georgina, Blair and Chuck reunite for a fleeting moment.

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Gossip Girl Cast’s Real-Life Couples

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The Gossip Girl finale has a lot to answer for. What about that time Gossip Girl slut-shamed Dan’s sister? But after it turns out Dan’s also been anonymously stalking and humiliating Serena for years under the guise of GG, she doesn’t run a mile and file a restraining order. Oh no. She marries him. Because nothing says ‘I love you’ like an anonymous poison pen blog! In conclusion, Dan and Serena are the worst.

Gossip Girl (5×15): Chuck finds out about Dan and Blair’s kiss