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About midway through the talk, I picked up on a trend after Thomas made a reference to matchmaking, in that sales is just like dating. Show your interest in the other person. Find a way to stand out. This helps in making your second contact to reference to so it hopefully brings back some familiarity and trust from your first conversation. Finding a way to be memorable and finding something in common. Genuinely sharing interests is a great way to establish trust. It gives a talking point for both of you to move from.

Original Double Your Dating Sales Letter from Eben Pagan (David DeAngelo)

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Check out how sales and dating are nearly mirror images of each other.

The most recognized informational dating product ever. Here it is! View More others the massive opportunity that is, selling information products online. Eben Pagan pen name David DeAngelo first released the book in after building a loyal following on dating forums. He mentions how you’re about to learn the secrets, but the sales letter is full of bullet points that only tease the reader with benefits the “secrets” will give them.

Putting the page numbers next to each point shows just how value-packed the book is.

How Sales Is Like Dating

The deal comes after a US government panel asked Kunlun to divest itself of Grindr. However, the United States has been increasingly scrutinising app developers over the safety of personal data they handle, especially if some of it involves US military or intelligence personnel. Reuters reported earlier on Friday that Kunlun was close to signing a sales deal, citing people familiar with the matter. San Vincente Acquisition comprises a group of entrepreneurs and investors in the technology, media and telecommunications industries, a source close to the deal told Reuters.

One of the investors in the group that is nearing a deal to acquire Grindr is Chinese-born US citizen James Lu, a former executive at Chinese search engine giant Baidu, three of the sources said.

How to sell yourself on a dating website. Share. Dating websites are becoming increasingly popular places to meet people, but with so many people in the.

When I was 12, I briefly acquired a girlfriend called Maria. In high-school I dated Eylem, a Kurdish girl. Everything was great when we were alone, but she was distant in public. It took me many years to understand where both relationships went wrong. Now I run a company which makes tools for salespeople and I have noticed that dating requires many of the same skills that you need in sales or customer success.

So what are those skills and how can they help us to find the perfect partner? Sales and dating both involve interacting with another person with a particular goal in mind. And both can be improved with practice. In the digital age, sales often means selling at a distance and at scale using email, messaging and other remote communication methods, just like online dating.

There are three parts to making a sale or building a new relationship: Courting, Politics, and Curriculum. The first thing we learn when dating is how to behave with someone you want to impress: How to ask for things, how to gauge their interest and maybe eventually how to persuade. In this regard, sales best-practices are good dating best-practices too.

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NEW YORK (REUTERS) – Chinese gaming company Beijing Kunlun Tech Co is close to signing an agreement to sell Grindr, the gay dating.

The move comes after a US government panel asked Kunlun to divest Grindr. One of the investors in the group that is nearing a deal to acquire Grindr is James Lu, a former executive at Chinese search engine giant Baidu, three of the sources said. The identity of the other investors in the consortium could not immediately be learned. The sources cautioned that there is no certainty a deal will be completed and requested anonymity ahead of an official announcement.

Grindr declined to comment, while Kunlun and Lu did not immediately respond to requests for comment. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs.

Skip to main content. Chinese gaming company Beijing Kunlun Tech Co is close to signing an agreement to sell Grindr, the popular gay dating app it has owned since , to a group of investors. Share gift link below with your friends and family.

EXCLUSIVE-Grindr’s Chinese owner nears deal to sell gay dating app-sources

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Just like customer relationships, selling and dating have some striking similarities​: If you really, really need a sale (or a date) the likelihood of you.

PDF version. Are dates required on these food products? Does it mean the product will be unsafe to use after that date? Here is some background information answering these and other questions about product dating. What is Food Product Dating? Two types of product dating may be shown on a product label. The calendar date provides consumers with information on the estimated period of time for which the product will be of best quality and to help the store determine how long to display the product for sale.

Chinese owner of Grindr nears deal to sell dating app: Sources

It starts with the chase, followed by a series of casual dates, leading up to a committed relationship. You need to know if your customer is really into you before investing your time in them. Making the first move is always awkward whether you are cold-calling or walking up to someone in a bar. Accept it and do it anyway.

Having a deep understanding of your product makes you an expert on your subject.

If product has a “sell-by” date or no date, cook or freeze the product by the times on the chart. Is Dating Required by Federal Law? Except for.

If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times…business is all about the relationships you build. We are all familiar with the traditional ways of selling, the old-school push to sell sales tactics and of course, the ABC message—Always Be Closing. However, this outdated message fails to address how buyers buy today. Relationships between brands and customers have changed.

Simply put, relationship selling is a sales approach focused on creating relationships. In this blog, I will share with you a few lessons sales people can learn from dating, and how those lessons will improve your selling success. Plain and simple, talking only about yourself on the first date is not the best approach to take. People buy because of pain, and to identify what that pain is you need to get your prospect talking about themselves to uncover frustrations. And keep in mind, not everyone knows what their pain is.

Or even try walking through their process start to finish to uncover bottlenecks and gaps along the way. One of the biggest deal killers aside from timing of course is being blindsided late in the sale cycle without a solid game plan. Imagine this, after months and months of dating, the time has come for you to propose. All your energy, time, and effort invested into the relationship are about to pay off spectacularly.

You get down on one knee and present the most stunning proposal with absolute confidence.

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