Iyanya replies Yvonne Nelson

She recently gave birth to a baby girl. The father of the child is still a mystery. While we are still on the search for who her baby daddy is, we take a look at the various men who have been in the life of Yvonne Nelson. Iyanya and Yvonne Nelson had one amazing relationship that was a toast of the public. Their fans and admirers couldn’t take their eyes off their every moment together. Yvonne Nelson was never shy to express and talk about her relationship with Iyanya. Iyanya on his own part was so into the Ghanaian actress that he couldn’t but make reference to her in one of his hit songs.

“I will never date a Nigerian again, because of my experience with Iyanya” – Yvonne Nelson

Iyanya is the Nigerian popular Afrobeat singer. It can also be said that the singer Iyanya has romance with the popular Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson. Iyanya who is Afro pop crooner, has finally opened up about his much-publicized split from Yvonne Nelson. During the interview, Iyanya expressed the interviewer that when Yvonne Nelson thing happened then he was unhappy, but at that event, he will look like superman out there.

He shared his emotions in front of the media.

Last year, her relationship with Nigerian music star Iyanya brewed a lot of media I wasn’t shy about anything but he could not say he’s dating Yvonne Nelson.

Last year, her relationship with Nigerian music star Iyanya brewed a lot of media attention when it ended. Since then, both parties have refused to talk about it until when she gave BellaNaija an exclusive during her last visit to Lagos. At her hotel room at Raddison Blu, Victoria Island, Yvonne was a warm host as she opened up on her past relationship. Sometime last year, you were quite emotional on Twitter when you supposedly broke up with a Nigerian music star.

That incident has been shrouded with lots of cover-ups. Could you tell me what really happened? There were too many lies in the relationship. I found out a whole lot of things and I just felt like he took advantage of me. Why did you go on Twitter to express your emotions? I just wanted the whole world to know what I was going through and I just wanted them to know that I was done with the relationship.

Did you actually break up with him on Twitter? I just tweeted how I was feeling that very moment. He would say that because he was wrong. How long did the two of you date and how would you describe the relationship?

Actress Yvonne Nelson says she is done dating Nigerian men

Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk born 31 October , known by his stage name Iyanya , is a Nigerian Afropop recording artist and performer. He rose to fame after winning the first season of Project Fame West Africa and is best known for his hit single ” Kukere “. He released his debut studio album My Story in It was supported by the singles “No Time” and “Love Truly”.

He won the Artist of the Year award at The Headies

It’s her business not mine.” Iyanya once denied being in a relationship with Yvonne Nelson and went as far as saying: ““The thing about dating.

Iyanya Mbuk. We had something and I thought it was special, like he was a wonderful guy but it was all lies. He had other girls and other things he was doing. Aside the actress that was in the picture, there were a lot more. That is how bad it is. I am talking about Iyanya because we had a thing. There were a lot of names that people know. There was a girl from South Africa. The very popular Ghanaian actress also explained why she kept the affair secret even after she had broken up with Iyanya.

So, it was very hard for him to bring it out. Miss Nelson also admitted she has learnt a big lesson from her short-lived romance with Iyanya. You just have to experience it to learn. I have no regrets that I went through it. It would have happened anyway.

Yvonne Nelson blasts Iyanya, ‘You can’t go scot-free after breaking my heart’ (1)

Award-winning Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has stated that she is finally ready to enter into a relationship once again. According to Yvonne Nelson, she does not mind if the lucky person she falls in love with next is a Nigerian. This response was contained in a tweet by Yvonne Nelson when she asked her fans on Twitter to ask her any question they wanted.

One of her fans asked her if she will be willing to marry a Nigerian which she responded in the affirmative saying if she falls in love with a Nigerian, she will not hesitate to marry him. Yvonne Nelson some years ago was in a relationship with Nigerian musician Iyanya.

But Yvonne Nelson’s break-up with Nigeria’s music star, Iyanya, about three When she was asked whether she’s dating anyone, Yvonne.

Celebrated actress Yvonne Nelson says she does not intend to date any Nigerian man due to her past experience. According to her, she is now ready for a serious date but will not consider Nigerian men among her suitors. She said she once posted on her Instagram page seeking a date but was shocked that no one reached out. It is what it is. I am looking for one. It will be recalled that Yvonne Nelson was previously in a serious relationship with Nigerian artiste Iyanya.

However, the relationship between the pair did not last, as it ended on the rocks some months later. I was hustling and I would do four shows in a day and I will make 2 million. Driver of murdered Tema Port Manager put before court. Please follow and like us:.

Yvonne Nelson loved my sex game, Iyanya reveals

Actress Yvonne Nelson has promised never to date a Nigerian again after her relationship with Nigerian artiste Iyanya failed some years ago. It is what it is. I am looking for one.

Why I broke up with Yvonne Nelson – Iyanya made this known in an interview with The Nation when asked about whom his dating presently.

Her love life has over the years generated more media fuss than her entire acting career has. Her fans on Twitter have since been replying to the tweet with compliments and encouragement for the feat. During an interview with Infobox TV last January, she appeared dodgy on a question about her relationship. The actress has over the years been romantically frolicking with actor John Dumelo; something that ignited rumours that the two are seeing each other. They, however, have on various platforms denied the rumours.

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The List Of Men Yvonne Nelson Has Dated

Derek Boateng however refuted it. The two are good friends more like friends with benefits. They both came out to deny it as usual. Finally the most popular of them all. When reports first came out that they were dating, they both refuted the claims, actually Yvonne did being it as Iyanya was a nobody back then. Till date she still talks about the breakup.

Iyanya; I’m not the only guy who broke Yvonne Nelson’s heart broke his lover Yvonne Nelson’s heart when all the pairs were busy on dating.

In an interview with Genevieve magazine, the talented actress Yvonne Nelson, spoke about her estranged father, her new movie, dating Nigerian star Iyanya and her future relationships. It appears Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson is so disappointed by the few Nigerian men she was attracted to that she feels no love and respect for Nigerian men any more.

Chocolate City rapper, Penshak Zamani, popularly known as Ice Prince has come out to state the reason his love affair with Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson ended abruptly. For sexy Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, heartbreak is a painful experience best avoided. It was all fun galore despite the ongoing mourning trailing the Ghana after several lives were lost at a tragic flood incident which occurred some days ago.

Let it not spread to our creative industry. Let us cease the polemics. There had been rumours that the two showbiz personalities – award-winning rapper Ice Prince and Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson once dated. Nigerian musician Iyanya and Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson speak out about their relationship after several months of silence and denial.

Yvonne Nelson Used To Be Assaulted By Iyanya?

For the past couple of years Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has been one of the most talked about celebrities in Nigeria. Last year, her relationship with Nigerian music star, Iyanya brewed a lot of media attention when it ended. At her hotel room at Raddison Blu, Victoria Island, Yvonne was a warm host as she opened up on her past relationship.

BN: You have become a regular face on the Nigerian social scene lately and we are happy to see you again. Judging by the frequency of your visits, you must have developed a fondness for Nigeria.

Actress Yvonne Nelson’s relationship with Nigerian singer Iyanya came to an it was a bad one for Yvonne and she swore she is done with Naija men. Dating Is Expensive In Accra Than Renting Apartment – Criss Waddle.

Yvonne Nelson started her movie career from way back and she actually became one of the hottest commodities in the Ghana movie industry until she was banned for her arrogance and her indecent behaviour on set. Yvonne Nelson is noted for her obsession with social media and also her love for music and the men in music. Her relationships always tend to turn heads and eventually become the talk of the town. Check out some of the famous men Yvonne Nelson has dated. Some are alleged and mere rumors but as they say, there is a little truth in every rumor.

Sit back and relax. Derek Boateng however refuted it. The two are good friends. They both came out to deny it as usual. Davido: This one is actually a secret, according to reliable sources Davido is the reason why Iyanya left Yvonne Nelson.

Yvonne Nelson talks about life with Iyanya – The White Carpet