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On first read, the early descriptions of Fox’s The Orville sounded like a great idea. A space comedy by Seth MacFarlane in the vein of Galaxy Quest was something that was missing from the glut of TV science-fiction with apologies to Yahoo’s belated Other Space , frequently dominated by straight-faced takes about the future or superheroes absorbed with an internal struggle of responsibility. But in reality, The Orville was something different. That fan just so happens to be a guy who has made millions for Fox with gross-out humor and who not-so-tastefully sang a song at the Oscars about actress’ boobs. The Orville wasn’t the show we thought it was going to be, and that came as big suprise since MacFarlane’s reputation is one that includes horny teddy bears. Critics were probably the most shocked. They got first crack at early episodes of The Orville , and the reaction was overwhelmingly negative. Actually, it wasn’t just your typical bad review, it was worse.

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It has an 82% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and /10 on IMDb. Hackerville | Date TBC Of course, with great power comes the inevitable great enemy, and Billy, aka Shazam, needs to get a handle on his abilities ASAP if.

Autumn is in the air, but while the days may be getting cooler, the new content on Showmax is only getting hotter. Want an edge-of-your-seat thriller? Try the new Stephen King series The Outsider. Love period drama? Based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, HBO miniseries The Outsider follows police detective Ralph Anderson Ben Mendelsohn from Bloodline , who is still grieving the recent death of his own son when the mutilated body of year-old Frankie Peterson is found in the Georgia woods.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the horrifying crime lead Ralph to bring in unorthodox private investigator Holly Gibney Cynthia Erivo, nominated for two Oscars and two Golden Globes this year for Harriet , whose uncanny abilities he hopes will help explain the unexplainable. This once-sleepy fishing village is transforming into a fashionable spa resort.

Changing alongside it is the impulsive and unconventional Charlotte Heywood Rose Williams from Reign , who swaps her quiet rural home for the intrigues and dalliances of a seaside town on the make. Austen would have loved it. Andrea is a seemingly-confident comedy writer, wife, and mom, with zero filters and a tendency to put her foot in it. Set on the front-line of one of the biggest modern-day threats, the series follows a German cyber-crimes investigator sent back to her hometown of Timisoara, Romania, to track down a brilliant hacker after an attack on a German bank.

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Tambay Obenson. Three decades into his career, Will Smith remains one of the most successful actors of his generation and one unafraid to continue to pursue the possibility of blockbuster domination alongside smaller projects only he could make happen. These were all dramas that drew some critical acclaim, but yielded very limited box office. Then, the actor reconsidered his career objectives, realizing how important box office was to longevity, and researched what ingredients were necessary to turn movies into blockbusters.

It worked.


Subscriber Account active since. Even award-winning actors don’t have totally perfect judgment when it comes to the movies they star in. For every “Shakespeare in Love,” there’s a “Mortdecai” soon to follow. We’ve rounded up 55 Oscar winners throughout history and found out what their worst-rated movie was, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Keep scrolling to learn more about the high highs and low lows of these famous actors and actresses.

Note: All scores were current on the date of publication and are subject to change. Zellweger has earned two Oscars during her career. On the flip side, she also appeared in the rom-com flop, “The Bachelor” as the ostensible female lead, Anne. Phoenix earned his first Oscar win in for his peformance in “Joker” as the titular comic book villain. He had been nominated three times prior. In “Russkies,” which he is credited as Leaf Phoenix in , he plays a year-old army brat named Danny.

Dern’s Oscar win for her turn as the ruthless divorce lawyer Nora in “Marriage Story” came after two previous nominations. But her worst move was ‘s “Little Fockers,” in which she plays Prudence, a school principal.

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Skip to Content. You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist. Cheaters never prosper. Aggression may win a battle but not a war.

Parental Guidance Suggested; Studio: 20th Century Fox; DVD Release Date: July 16, ; Customer Reviews: out of 5 stars6, customer ratings; ASIN.

Yes, a genre once associated with schlock, camp and gratuitous violence has returned to its former glory, with recent waves of smart, restrained but also genuinely terrifying movies recalling the best of eras past — think The Shining , The Omen and Psycho. Based on the door-stop Stephen King novel, this story of small town kids battling a mysterious evil force was previously adapted for the small screen in , with Tim Curry a memorable Pennywise the Clown. It Chapter Two came out last year, but, with a bloated running time and mostly adult cast, lost some of the Stranger Things-esque magic of the first.

But its predecessor remains a masterclass in how to redefine a genre. Toni Collette first earned her genre stripes in arresting ghost flick The Sixth Sense in , gaining on Oscar nomination for best supporting actress to boot. Some 20 years later, she turbocharged Hereditary through screaming, crying and facial expressions alone. A metaphor for the pain and trauma we inherit from our parents, the story involves a family dealing with the loss of a grandmother — and the fallout of an evil scheme she devised years before.

Like many of the films on this list, Hereditary eschews the humour and self-awareness that pervaded horror of the 90s and 00s for a serious, grownup tone with a complex, multi-layered storyline that rewards close concentration. The payoff is utter terror. From The Dark Tower to Pet Sematary to It, there have been a mind-boggling number of blockbuster Stephen King adaptations in recent years, and all of varying quality.

It is one of the all-time best.

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You probably have the menu and festive 4th of July activities ready for your family, but there might be something missing from your 4th of July lineup: A good 4th of July movie! Whether it’s an unusually rainy July day or you just want to escape the sun for a bit, turn on one of these 4th of July movies for action, drama, and in some cases humor there’s something on our list for everyone.

We’ve rounded up a solid mix of 4th of July-themed movies, nostalgic summer movies, and more that’ll help you celebrate the holiday to the fullest. Whether you’re looking forward to a light and breezy romantic comedy or an adrenaline-pumping thriller, the movies on this list are very different — but what they all have in common are their patriotic, all-American themes. If you’re like us, you’re going to want the perfect movie to watch with family and friends.

Here are our favorite 4th of July movies to watch on the holiday weekend, from the cult classic Jaws to ‘s Oscar nominee Hidden Figures.

always ask for another referral – getting the perfect therapist can be like dating; you may have to go through a few duds before you Rotten Tomatoes score? When your brain is your worst enemy, you spend a lot of time wanting to be alone​.

This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. After five seasons, one Christmas special and one innovative interactive movie, Black Mirror has grown into one of the biggest shows on Netflix since the streaming platform nabbed the rights from UK television network Channel 4 for season three onwards. The show, created by Charlie Brooker and producer Annabel Jones, is a modern take on classic anthology shows like The Twilight Zone , examining the unintended impact of technology on how we live in Brooker’s customary dark, playful and sometimes uplifting manner.

Whether you’ve already blasted through all the episodes or are just looking to catch-up with some classic Black Mirror , we’ve ranked all the episodes from the first season to the fifth. Here’s our definitive ranking, for you to disagree with.

The worst movies that 55 Oscar winners have been in, according to critics

How did this become the blueprint for starting an NBA game? I have no idea. Deep down, the team knows this decision symbolizes everything. Their video ended with Mo Williams screaming incoherently and turning into a fireball. The subtext?

The film was released on October 21, Rotten Tomatoes has crunched the numbers to rank the best Black Mirror #8 Just when you think online dating.

There were lots of major announcements at DC FanDome Check out everything you missed in our news roundup. Read more. After the father of her kid son Sam was killed by an escaped psychiatric patient, Kate decides it’s time for a new chapter in her life. She moves to the town where her former lover Tom A thriller about a computer security specialist who is accused of bank fraud and has to clear her name with the help of the FBI. She also never wanted to see him dead, but when he winds up murdered, she can’t help but get involved.

While in competition for a job promotion, the female competitor sues her male counterpart for sexual harassment. Blackmail and murder follow closely behind. When Aurora shows a house for her realtor mom, the handsome client finds the body of a rival realtor in the backyard. Suspicion falls on all realtors.

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Marvel’s Black Widow movie offers a closer look at Natasha Romanoff and her family. Find out everything there is to know about the new movie, which has been pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Iron Man. Captain America.

It may only have a 60% critics rating on rotten tomatoes (they thought it was too stayed on the battlefield where he was needed and fought against the enemy.

It’s been a decade since Will Smith soared into cinemas as the titular superhero everybody loved to hate in “Hancock,” which debuted on July 2, In honor of the action-comedy’s 10th anniversary, Wonderwall. Keep reading to see where John Hancock and more of your favorite Will Smith characters rank…. Will Smith portrayed the leader of a group of warriors capable of completely suppressing their fear, while his son, Jaden Smith, portrayed his character’s offspring in ‘s “After Earth.

Remember their awful made-up futuristic accents? The disappointing sci-fi flick scored a laughable 11 percent rotten rating with critics on Rotten Tomatoes. How can something so bad be so good? Will Smith! Our favorite Hollywood star portrayed a U. Army captain on the hunt for a devious Confederate general in the steampunk Western-comedy “Wild Wild West. Will Smith put his instantly recognizable voice to use in ‘s “Shark Tale,” a lame attempt at recreating the under-the-sea magic of Disney’s “Finding Nemo,” which debuted the previous year.

He voiced an underachieving fish a bluestreak cleaner wrasse, to be exact named Oscar, who takes the credit for killing a murderous shark in the confounding cartoon, which featured an all-star cast including Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger, Robert De Niro and Jack Black — its only saving grace.

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